A few reflections from our clients

Global Head of Development; Leading Financial Services Bank

“Their engaging style of facilitation and coaching is consistently very good – with participants appropriately stretched and challenged and left reflective and the better for it.
Development Potentials execution of “Difficult Performance Conversations” simulations with the Programme participants, was especially highly regarded by those participants.
In short I would strongly recommend Development Potential for high-stretch behavioural interventions, workshops and development projects” - Global Head of Development; Leading Financial Services Bank

I never imagined Stephanie would have the effect on my working life that she has.
She has given me the confidence and belief in myself and helped me step up into an executive committee role.
Stephanie is both supportive and challenging and makes you push yourself until you understand what you need to focus on and develop.
I would not have achieved what I have over the last 18 months without Stephanie, she has helped me understand what I can achieve and enabled me to paint pictures and develop a narrative to believe in. - Board Member Large retail company

I am very grateful for Nichola’s quality of insight, clarity of challenge and structure she gave me during our work together.

The 'process' and the conversations specifically have left me feeling more focused on what I need to do well, cutting out the stuff that gets in the way, and prompted some hard personal and professional reflections. - Partner in a Financial Services Firm

Through penetrating questions; solid techniques and concrete examples, she caused a breakthrough in my performance.

Confirmed by regular 360 feedback, Stephanie was able to give me the tools needed to connect; influence and create powerful and durable relationships at all levels at the organization – and therefore to drive the business globally to a place it has never been before. - Diageo Brand Director

Nicholas style is warm and collaborative and she has a steely determination that wouldn’t let us get away with a thing. - Participant on Top Leaders Programme