Paul Redwood

paul redwoodPaul has spent over 20 years in the learning and development sector. He is a highly qualified Executive Coach, accredited to Master Practitioner level and experienced facilitator of learning. He has worked as a trusted associate of Development Potential for several years.

Paul is a pragmatic and commercial thinker who runs his own business. He understands the complexities and frustrations of working in organisations both from his consulting experience and his background in commerce and leadership, where he worked variously as a Sales and Marketing Management in industry; a foreign exchange dealer in the Far East with HSBC and trained as an Officer with the Royal Navy.

Paul has a particular energy for working with teams and individuals, helping them to maximise their contribution and potential in complex organisational settings. He is passionate about the releasing the capability of people through quality conversations, listening and dialogue.

He is an engaging chap, with a good sense of humour and energy. He listens keenly and adapts well to the needs of different individuals, teams and dynamics. He is known for naming and a willingness to tackle the difficult or unspoken.